Rīga, Centrs, E. Melngaiļa

ID 10
Darbība Māja
Dzīvokļi 3
Cena (no-līdz) 376000-673000 Eur

Projekta apraksts:

PETIT PARIS E.Melngaiļa iela 2. Project - an elegant seven floor house on the corner of E.Melngaila and Zala streets, which is inscribed in the the delicate atmosphere of Silent center. The house in which the charm of French balconies and comfort of fireplaces which is adjacent to the modern ventilation or a modern system of automatic car parking


Petit Paris is located in the Silent center of Riga on the Emīla Melngaiļa street 2. Near multi-funkcional sports and cultural activities hall ''Arēna Rīga'', a 7-minute walk to Kronvalda Park, a 15-minute walk to the Old Town, 2 minutes walk to Valdemāra street on which there is regular public transport. A 10-minutes drive to Rimi Hypermarket, 25 minutes by car to Jurmala.

Tehniskā informācija:

Project Petit Paris has several obvious advantages over architectural gems Eisenstein father-time. The main advantages: is a unique automatic car parking system for 42 seats; three noiseless elevator garage to the apartment; an autonomic gas boiler for the whole house with adjustable heat in each apartment; a modern ventilation system; a cozy, green, hidden from street courtyard from southern side.


id Stāvs Dzīvoklis Platība Cena
637 6 / 7 19 224 m2 561000.00


+371 26 701 712